Why Hindsight Bias? The motivation for the blog is quite the opposite. "I wish I knew this along time ago" has been a repeated sentiment at every step of my career so I started writing down some observations I've made along the way. Hopefully you find some of them useful!

Hi, I’m Ravi Trivedi. I like to design, build, and operate software and engineering teams. I currently lead Product Engineering at Tecton, a Series C startup on a mission to build a powerful data platform for ML in production.

Before Tecton, I was a Staff Software Engineer at Google. Most recently I worked on Google’s Search Infrastructure team and led several projects related to logging and ranking. On Google’s Platform team, I built parts of the micro-service platform that is still used today across the company. I started my career at Google as an SRE on Photos where I mostly focused on observability.

I’m based in New York, but I have floated around a bit during the pandemic. In the past I’ve lived in San Francisco, Zurich for a short stint, and my home city Toronto where I studied Engineering Science at University of Toronto.

Feel free to email me at ravi.trivedi3[at]gmail or reach out @ravtri if you have any ideas or feedback.

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